FTTH Products

Various products of FTTH Products, providing product images and basic parameters with each FTTH Products and Fiber Optic Terminal Box; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of FTTH Products, and look forward to your cooperation!

FTTH Products Description

FTTX is a dream communication technology that supports high-capacity and high-speed data transfer service via optical fiber right into the premises of network subscribers.

FTTX products

More and more countries attend to FTTX products(FTTC,FTTB,FTTZ,FTTO,FTTH) in their projects, our Fiber optic terminal boxes, 24 Port rack mount fiber enclusre, surface mount fiber panel, fiber optic patch cord, FTTH cabling accessories, and other relative FTTX products emerge at this historical time. Unlike other broadband network technologies that connect to a certain point out of home with optical cable and use LAN wire or coaxial cable for connection into home, FTTH(Fiber To The Home) uses fiber optic cable right into subscriber`s home, delivering 100 times faster and more stable service than conventional ADSL. 

To realize our service to various customers on different requirement, we will offer solution accordingly. Modern design with imported plastic, multi-function, good craftwork, easy cabling operation. All you can find in our FTTX products such as fiberoptic splice boxes, fiber splice closure, table optical sockets. We are confident to provide our valuable business partners with excellent quality and performance, to win the market together.